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Sandstone Pavers and Tiles in Sydney

Welcome to Rockmark Sandstone Group. Although you may have never heard of this sandstone supplier, behind the scenes is a team of highly experienced stonemasons and businessmen who have spent many years in the Australian Sandstone industry. 

Our goal is simple, and that is to be able offer the market an option.

An option of more Australian sandstone colours. 
An option of fresh new sandstone tiles, pavers, finishes and applications. 
Most importantly an option in pricing.

Rockmark Sandstone prides itself on customer service and customer satisfaction. We pay careful attention to detail during the selection process right through to the final delivery of the product or project. Our new factory consists of state of the art machinery operated by our highly experienced stonemasons. We can accommodate orders of all sizes from small residential to commercial sized projects right through to intricate carving work. 

Talk to us today or visit our new showroom in sydney to find out how Rockmark Sandstone can transform your vision in to reality.

Sandstone is extremely popular in the construction industry. Usually, it comes in a range of earthy colours and tones that can make the interiors and exteriors of your property look attractive and appealing. Although sandstone has the texture of hardened sand, it is extremely durable and can last for decades. There are different grades of sandstone available in the Australian market and it is important to make the right choice. With Rockmark Sandstone Group quality is never an issue.

Expertise and Quality

We at Rockmark Sandstone pride ourselves for our collective experience. We are a team of seasoned and extremely experienced stonemasons and businessmen who have gathered a wealth of knowledge and expertise after several years of service in the Australian sandstone industry.

We are renowned for our quality supply of sandstone in Sydney. We deal in Australian sandstones and this allows us to offer our clients more colour options than what would be available if they opted for any other type of sandstone.

Finding the right combination of expertise and quality is always difficult, but with Rockmark Sandstone Group, you can never go wrong.

Transforming Your Property

With the right choice of sandstone in Sydney, you can enhance the appeal of your property and boost its resale value.

If you want to create the right impression that lasts a lifetime, you should not think twice about using our sandstone in Sydney. Finding unique and stylish sandstone pavers in Sydney can be challenging, but with Rockmark Sandstone Group, you will always find the perfect sandstone pavers in Sydney.

We also have a wide collection of sandstone tiles in Sydney that can beautify your property’s interior and exterior so effortlessly that you will be wondering why you didn’t think of this before.

Our Selling Points

We at Rockmark Sandstone Group have left an indelible mark on the sandstone industry in Sydney for several reasons.

  • Affordable and competitive pricing
  • No hidden costs
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Superior customer satisfaction that borders at customer delight
  • Close attention to detail during the selection process
  • Ability to undertake intricate carving work
  • We cater to residential and commercial projects

Our factory boasts of state-of-the-art machinery and equipment that are operated by qualified and highly skilled stonemasons. So, all our sandstone tiles in Sydney as well as pavers are carefully cut as per your specifications and if required, we carve them as well to produce spectacular results.

At Rockmark Sandstone Group, we pride ourselves for on-time delivery of sandstone in Sydney. Contact us today using our hotline, 1300 133 008, and we would be glad to answer your queries or enjoy a free quote.



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